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Get the Right Look with These Revlon Foundation Tricks

Foundation usually causes women to have a panic attack when it comes time to apply it. Let's face it ?Ð╣ it is not a fun product to mess around with, especially if you do not know what you are doing. However, it is needed and helps to provide a smooth look for any type of skin or complexion. Unfortunately, foundation does not provide too much wiggle room and will look off or discolored if you are not applying it correctly.

Below, we will go over some tricks to help you correctly apply your foundation to your face.

1. Don't Be Afraid to Mix and Match

While you may be nervous to try mixing and matching, don't be. In fact, it actually helps and can create a smooth, flawless look. For example, you can use a liquid foundation to start and follow up with a matte foundation to create a soft finish.

2. Apply with a Brush

You should always apply your foundation with a brush. This is because you have better control over the foundation and where it goes as opposed to with a sponge. Utilizing a brush can help you create a smooth look. In addition, you can get into harder to reach areas with a brush such as near your eyes.

Lastly, a brush will allow you to even out the foundation for a seamless look. You never have to worry about lines or uneven colour blending.

3. Choose the Right Colour

Some people make the mistake of choosing the wrong foundation colour and it creates an uneven or orange colour. This can be an embarrassing side effect of not choosing the correct colour and you should try to match your complexion to the colour of the foundation as best as possible.

4. Apply Foundation Everywhere

Did you know you can apply your foundation wherever you need to? It actually helps to do so in fact. For example, if you are going for a tan look and you are using a darker foundation, you need to apply it to any visible skin to keep the look natural. Otherwise, your face will look darker than the rest of your skin.

In addition, you should apply some foundation to your ears, neck, and chest if you have a fair complexion. This is because redness is usually a problem and quite noticeable.

5. Watch the Creases

It is important to go through and touch up areas around your eyes and lips so that you do not get foundation in your creases. If you do, you will find that every time you talk or move your mouth, you can see foundation caked up.

Your foundation will provide you with a soft, flawless, and smooth look. It is important that you are applying it correctly, otherwise, you will be disappointed with the way it looks. One of the biggest things to remember is to blend your foundation well and choose the correct colour to match your complexion.

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