Revlon Create-A-Shape 2-In-1 Nail Clip

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Revlon Create-A-Shape 2-In-1 Nail Clip


Revlon's 2-in-1 nail clip is Revlon's first dual ended clipper which will create any nail shape with ease.  A straight end and a curved end!

The Revlon Create a Shape 2 in 1 Nail Clippers can help you create the nail shape you want, square, oval, or rounded. The clippers have a straight and curved end so you depending on what shape you want you simply use the right end. If you want rounded use the round end and for square us the straight end.

To create a square nail, clip straight across the nail with the straight end of the clippers and then file smooth.

To create rounded, use the round end and clip the edges of the nail then file smooth.

With the 2 in 1 nail clippers you will not have to spend as much time filing in order to achieve the look you want, simply clip and file smooth. After that paint with your favorite colour for a beautiful look. People will wonder if you have had your nails professionally done and you don?t have to let them know any different.

Using the 2 in 1 not only saves time but helps keep your nails in good condition to avoid cracks and tears that go into the cuticle which can become infected and painful. So save yourself time and pain with the 2 in 1 clippers from Revlon.

This useful tool is available from Sale Event at an excellent price. Pick yourself up a pair today and be sure to browse our extensive collection of other beauty products and tools to help give yourself a put together and polished look every time.

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