Eye Shadow

Eye Shadow

Almay And Revlon Eyeshadow That Makes Your Eyes Pop

When someone looks at your face, the first thing they typically notice are your eyes. This is because your eyes are one of the most distinguishable characteristics on a person. Since your eyes are important to your look, it is essential that you are choosing an eye shadow color that works with your eyes and makes them stand out.

In fact, did you know that most makeup experts will tell you not to use an eye shadow color that matches your eye colour? This is because the colours will look dull on top of each other and it will create a boring look, not one that pops out.

Below, we will go over some different tricks, tips, and hacks to help you choose the right eyeshadow colour for your eyes.

1. Green Eyes

If you have green eyes, there are shades of colours that work better than others and it is important that you take your eye colour hue into consideration as well. Some of the most common eyeshadow colours for beautiful green eyes include grays, corals, gold, tan, and violet or plum. These colours will help make your eyes stand out and the above colours blend nicely with your green eyes to create a pretty contrast.

2. Brown Eyes

Brown eyes have a wide array of colour choices because it is quite easy to contrast with brown. You should avoid using other browns or grays along with your brown eyes as these colours may make you look washed out.

Some of the most common eyeshadow colours include coral, purple, green, blue or aqua, orange, and dark reds. The darker colours work well as they will offset your brown eyes and create dimension.

3. Blue Eyes

Blue eyes can be harder to colour match with because you want your eyes to stand out and not get lost in the colour you choose. Of course, you want to avoid using any other shade of blue against your already blue eyes.

Some of the most commonly chosen eyeshadow colours for clue eyes include neutral colours like brown or gray, orange, and pale pinks and purples.

4. Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes can be tricky at times, especially depending on which colour your eye shows off more. For example, you may have a strong brown hue while someone else has a stronger blue or green hue.

When it comes to the right eyeshadow colour, you can choose from greens, yellows, oranges, golds, and even dark purples. You want to make sure to avoid blues as they will not create any dimension and actually simple wash out your eye colour.

Experiment With Revlon and Almay Eyeshadow

In addition to matching your eyeshadow to your eye colour, you also want to consider what works for your complexion. For instance, if you have darker coloured skin and brown eyes, mahogany or a deep red may not work as well as a rich purple or a lighter orange. You do not want to overwhelm your eyes or your face, so choose wisely and experiment until you find the right colour.

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